What a shame that pot is illegal, it actually cures a lot of stuff

I am really not a huge fan when it comes down to smoking cannabis, don’t take me wrong, I have smoked it several times in the past but I am not someone that will go out and buy it or smoke it on a regular basis, however while reading some interesting facts on this Pot Website I realized that it does a lot for sick people, and it’s not just this website that save this but there are professors and specialists from all over the world playing that marijuana can cure several types of cancer, it will prevent diabetes and will help liver and kidney diseases of all kinds.

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Someone else that doesn’t buy or use regular cannabis is my good friend Thomas Cheng and he also agrees with me that it should be legalized immediately, simply because it’s yours and save the lives of many people in the countries where it is legal such as the Netherlands, however here in the United States unfortunately we have the pharmaceutical company that will do everything not to make it legal otherwise they will be taking massive losses in the stock and sales.

I read about that in this Alternative News website that gets close to 2 million readers every day, the reason it has so many readers is because the news that again is 100% credible, it is 100% on everything and it brings you to do things that the way it actually occurred.