Mainstream and adult oriented websites whats the difference?

What on earth does Obama and Castro got to do with what I am about to write? The answer to that would be absolutely nothing, actually there is a lot to do with it because we going to talk about a Alternative News website that is very popular from what I see on Facebook with over 1 million fans and the fact that their website gets roughly 40,000,000 visits every single day and therefore most probably without me even having to go in depth and reviewed the website I can tell you already that it is by far one of the most original ways to bring you the news, it truly is an alternative news website and it definitely does deserve your visit right now.

alternative media

Thomas F Cheng Twitter Mentioned it several times and for some reason I never saw the tweets until a few days ago and I’m very happy that I did because now I fully enjoying that website that I mentioned above and of course the other website that Thomas mentioned in one of his tweets and that would be the website that I have linked in the paragraph below.

This other website is called MOAR and it is by far the best thing for humorous news, basically what they do is bring you the news that actually occurs every single day but then they will contort it, they will message around and make it sound extremely hilarious even if the news is not funny at all they will definitely rip a smile out of you.